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We are here to bring as much joy to your family as these babies have brought to ours!

Bettering the breed is our goal!

About Us

At Full Throttle K-9's, we take our responsibilities very seriously and strive to ensure the health, safety and well-being of all our pets/animals. We have health tested all dogs with Paw Print Genetics, and we have had hips tested on some. We live on a rural farm where our animals are treated like family, or better! We have had Corgis for several years, but the Corgi "glitter" slowly became too much for my allergies. So, I decided to try a more hypoallergenic approach to dog raising. We have only raised a handful of Corgi litters.  We only raise a litter if we have the quality time to devote to it. After much research, I decided to go with the poodle. I have not regretted that decision for one second. They are a truly special breed of dog that is an incredible athlete as well as companion.  You wouldn't think a Poodle and Corgi would have much in common, but it turns out they are both fiercely attached to their owners.  They are both ready to protect, play with and lounge on their owners at any minute.  We have the biggest kick out of the crazy combination of our Poodles and Corgis. We strive for the best environment for our babies here with us and to find the right fit for their new homes as well.

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